There is an art to making a good tea

Because we care about every cup of tea that's handed to our customers, so we starts from the basic skills. We care about the quality of tea requiring eternal tea flavor. We stay consistence with every tea, and tea color.

    Kung Fu Style

    A light, fresh, bright green marks these teas. As natural and hand-prepared, by professionals. With our open drink bar, we can serve up. health you can not only taste, but also see.

      Five major health appeals

      • Full adoption of blended honey makes our tea natural and healthful.

      • First in Taiwanese tea drink industry to digitalize the sweetness of the beverages, reducing the burden on the body and allowing consumers to drink at ease.
      • Use of Taiwanese fruits for genuine enjoyment of delicious and healthyFormosan fruits.
      • Tea leaves and raw materials conform to national inspection standards, allowing consumers to drink carefree.
      • Original flavor tea drinks have passed world-class SGS inspection, with strict quality assurance.

      Three Major Professional insistence

      • Professionalization, standardization and systemization Simple tea-making process allows the tea served around the world to enjoy the same high quality.

      • Raw materials supplied by professional Taiwanese manufacturers This guarantees the high quality of the tea and fruits used.
      • Professional tea R&D team To continuously develop new and good quality Taiwanese tea drinks.

        Meet A'bao!

        About A'bao

        Name: A'bao
        Height:The height of a tea plant
        Mental age:Forever young
        Personality:Innocent, playfuland stubborn
        Clothing: One and only green
        Kung Fu suit
        Hobbies:Traveling around, 
        practicing Kung Fu, tasting tea

        A'bao's resume

        A playful kid traveling around the world with an innocent yet persistent soul; He often manages to discover interesting things and people during his journey.
        The kid loves drinking tea and practicing Kung Fu during leisure times; Or occasionally staring at the sky in a trance; he enjoys a life that is simple and carefree.

        A'bao's six Kung Fu moves

        Inviting:Serving good tea, drinking good tea
        Bowing:Serving only the best-choice tea with sincerity
        Jumping(for joy):Enjoying good word-of-mouth reputation
        Infusing:Showingthe Kung Fu ofmaking genuine tea
        Easing:Tasting good tea with ease
        Striking:Launching good tea, hitting a home run



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        Phone: (416) 260-1519


        Location (North York)

        (Yonge and Sheppard)
        4893 Yonge Street
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